Wine…It’s What’s For Dinner:

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Feat. Viognier   Originally from Rhône, a region in France, viognier grapes are relatively rare. In the 1960’s, the grape was near extinction, until it was planted in California. Although demand has slowed since the 1990’s, in 1998, the viognier varietal was grown in more than 1000 acres. Currently, there are fewer than 300 acres of viognier grapes in Rhône, but it is being grown in parts of the world such as the aforementioned California, Washington, Virginia, Chile, and Australia. Viognier is a full-bodied white wine, and while its aromas and flavors are often considered sweet, it is more of a dry wine. The biggest and most common aromas and flavors that come through in Viognier wine are honeysuckle, peach, […]

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Rosé All Day Every Day

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Rosé is no longer just a season. It’s been a long time coming, but the time has come to enjoy Rosé all year round. We often associate rosé with a summer drink. It seemed only acceptable to drink it during the warmer months. But times, they are a changing. While rosé is more of a crisp wine, and is nice on a warm spring day, it’s no different than drinking a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc in the winter. And since we live in a state that has over 300 days of sunshine, there is no reason to be contained to just a few months to enjoy a bottle of rosé.   One of the reasons that we may think […]

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Wine…It’s What’s For Dinner

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Feat. Cabernet Sauvignon   Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that you see everywhere, but otherwise may not know much about. The cabernet sauvignon grape is the love child between sauvignon blanc and cabernet franc; it is a full-body red that is incredibly tannic, but also layered and powerful. Because of the tannins, Cabernet Sauvignon has the ability to age well once it’s bottled, though this isn’t to say it can’t be consumed right away. The other characteristic that sets cabernet sauvignon apart from other wines is its distinct flavors and aromas. Black current and black cherry are the two you’ll likely pick up first, but it also often contains hints of tobacco, licorice, green bell pepper, and cigar amongst others. […]

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The Ultimate Red Wine and Chocolate Pairing

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We all know that red wine and chocolate is a match made in heaven. There’s such a satisfaction that comes with finding a wine and chocolate pairing that complement each other so well. The richness of a Merlot paired with a dark chocolate cake? Yes, please! Red wine and chocolate are often enjoyed together – but separately – however, the game is changing. The idea, which has quietly been around since 2014, is that of a great one – take your red wine and take your hot chocolate and mix them together. It is incredibly rich, and incredibly delicious. The recipe is pretty straightforward: hot chocolate, red wine, and should you so desire, whipped cream.   If you’re looking for […]

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New Year, New Me, Same Wine

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  Pairing wine with healthy recipes to help you keep up with your 2017 goals. By Epiphinae McClennon Every new year we make the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle as we reflect on our holiday eating choices. Maybe eating a whole apple pie and washing it down with a half gallon of vanilla spiced egg nog wasn’t the best idea. How could anyone expect you to say no to a third helping of grandma’s buttery mash potatoes and gravy. Now here we are, on January 1st, standing on the scale trying to revaluate our life decisions. While you are trying to establish your new eating regimen, do not try to leave out the wine. You will find that your […]

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Fine Wine On A Budget

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It’s not always easy finding an inexpensive wine with high quality flavor. But with these simple tips you will be able to have your wine and drink it too. By Epiphinae McClennon You deserve the finer things in life. But your new savings plan doesn’t always allow such luxury. We know its been hard staying in and bringing your lunch to work, so find solace in knowing that you don’t have to sacrifice your wine tastes when penny pinching. You can enjoy the bold and fruitful flavors of your favorite Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon even on a budget. Perusing through your local liquor store can be overwhelming when searching for wine when you don’t know what your searching for. […]

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Brine with Wine

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Wine is not only for drinking with your meal. You can brine and marinate your meats with it to get that next level flavor your family will enjoy. By Epiphinae McClennon Brining your meats is becoming more popular by the everyday cook. Leaner meats benefit from brining because the salt water solution creates an opportunity for the muscles in the meat to absorb the moisture. The ultimate wish for every holiday cook is to present a bird that is perfectly golden, crispy, and juicy. Adding wine into the mix will not disappoint you. By using a wine that you would pair to drink you create a complimentary flavor that creates and experience in your mouth. To brine with wine, a […]

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13 Autumn Sangria Recipes To Fall For

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By: Allie Kohler Cinnamon, spice and everything you want in a fall sangria is all right here. Celebrating the autumn harvest, cooler weather and changing colors brings with it the best of sangria inspirations. After getting lost in, found and lost again in the maze of Pinterest fall recipes, from Caramel Apple to Fireball sangria and everything in between, I bring to you the top 13 autumn sangria recipes to fall for this season.   1. Caramel Apple Sangria: With caramel sauce, caramel vodka, sweet apples, cinnamon and white wine, this recipe makes the perfect adult beverage to commemorate our favorite childhood fall treat. (via 3 Yummy Tummies)   2. Autumn Sangria with Pinot Noir and Apple Cider: This simple, delicious five-ingredient recipe is […]

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A toast to Colorado Wine

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With almost 300 days of sunshine year after year and the refreshing mountain breeze to keep the nights nice and chilly. Coupled with perfect humidity, nature brings beauty, taste and adventure together into the ideal conditions for growing world-class wine grapes that make way for the perfect character and chemistry required to produce award-winning wines. It is the majestic mountains, bright sunshine, and brilliant blue sky that make Colorado such a beautiful state. When you are looking for the perfect wine lovers paradise, one place you just cannot miss is Denver, Colorado. Home to some of the world’s best distilleries producing some of the finest wines , Denver Colorado is just the place for all you wine lovers. A trip […]

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Top 13 Reasons Why Rosé is Bae

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Allie Kohler Every day is a Rosé kind of day. From its fun and sophistication to its character and class, this wine will always come ‘before anything else’. Here’s thirteen reasons and ways to love Rosé.  1. Rosé is like, really pretty. First and foremost, Rosé is just downright aesthetically appealing. It’s pretty, it’s pink and just the bottle itself could serve as a tasteful, decorative center piece. Forget the fuss of fancy tablecloths and adorned dinnerware; Rosé covered it all for you. 2. It’s the best choice for indecisive wine drinkers. Making decisions is hard, agreed? Can’t decide between if it’s a red kind of night or a white kind of night? Forget them both and make it a pink kind of night. Okay but don’t be […]

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